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Another Greenhouse Project Work Session! - Saturday, May 22th, Noon
The greenhouse project is well underway with the site leveled, a trench dug, and most of the materials purchased. This Saturday May 22nd at noon there will be another work session where we will be burying the straw bales and getting ready to ram some earth. If you would like to come out and help please email me at steffen.bert[at] for directions.

Greenhouse Project Work Session - Saturday, May 15th, Noon
We will be digging the foundation and getting the site ready to build a greenhouse. If you are interested in getting dirty and working hard please email me for directions steffen.bert[at] Please bring a shovel and/or rake if you have one.
Thank you.

Update on Greenhouse - March 3, 2010
The Sheaf has published an article on the solar greenhouse.

Footprint Design Symposium
Speakers on ecology, transportation, food, and sustainability.
Free Snacks
Free Admission
Arts building, Room 143, at the U of S
October 3, 2009 from noon to 4pm

Movie Night: Home
We'll be watching the documentary Home followed by an
enlightened discussion. See trailer below.
Thursday, August 27, 2009 @ 8pm
367 Rutherford Cres.

Watch full movie
TEDTalk by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Current Projects
Symposium - Fall Date TBA
Wind Turbine

Past Projects
Canola Oil Diesel Conversion
Biodiesel Processor
Bike Generator

Future Projects
Electric Vehicles
??? join FD and start anything you like

A Footprint Presentation
Our Constitution
For more info or to join, email
info AT footprintdesign DOT ca
or call Steffen at 306 227 5854.

Footprint Design is a engineering student group at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. We learn about environmental sustainability and develop technology to shrink our society's ever-so-large ecological footprint.
The group was founded in 2004 by Chris Richards.

We'd like to thank the following for their help:
College of Engineering
Facilities Managment Division
University of Saskatchewan
Province of Saskatchewan
Ace of Carts
HVAC Sales
Our many symposium speakers and tour guides
All past and present members

This message brought to you by Steffen, Brent, Ali, Chris, Scott, Jamie, Melissa, Michelle, Aric, Cody, Danielle, Eamonn, Mike, Jon, Heather, Julie, Chris, Ting-Kai, Adrian, Greg...


Symposium of January 10, 2009.

The symposium was a great success with a huge turnout. Thanks to everyone who spoke and to everyone who listened. A special thanks to Steffen, Ali and Brent who did a fantastic job of organizing. Also thanks to Margaret Asmuss and FMD, EWB, ESSA.

Sustainability Symposium
Saturday, January 10th
Arts 241 (Neatby Timlin Theatre)
12pm to 4pm
Topics include climate change, personal sustainability, campus initiatives towards sustainability, and more.

Dr. Julie Friddell . Paleoclimatologist. Centre for Hydrology, Department of Geography, IP3 Network Manager. She will be speaking about climate change.

Belinda Daniels B.Ed., P.G.D., M.Ed. First Nations & Metis Languages Consultant. She is on the Station 20 West board and will be speaking about social sustainability in terms of the Station 20 West project.


Kelly Goyer . Waste Prevention Coordinator at the U of S. He will be speaking about sustainable initiatives at the U of S.

Dr. Lynn Oliphant . Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Washington. Professor emeritus from the Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences at the U of S. His work with the Craik Sustainable Living Project got him the Canadian Environment Award in 2005. He will be speaking about personal sustainability.

Last Update: March 2010